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We make fashionable therapeutic accessories designed to help you self-regulate in moments of distress and discomfort. Our products teach CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) skills - providing the support you need in order to control your emotions. We combine health care, technology and fashion into one.

We started InCare because of the stigmas surrounding mental health. We aim to dispel the negative perceptions of mental health and spread awareness and knowledge.

We do not want to replace mental healthcare but provide a more integrated system that provides care for all aspects of daily life.


All of our products are handmade in Brooklyn. We use skin safe silicone which is certified as FDA approved. Silicone is more eco-friendly than plastic and does not emit harmful toxins while being made. Unlike plastic, silicone is made from sand and is easily recyclable. To develop our products, we use 3D printed molds. Using precise measurements and zero-waste methods, our 3D printing process is more sustainable than other forms of mold-making.