Changing The Way We View Mental Health


InCare is an integrated mental health company that oversees every step of the user’s journey throughout their treatment. We focus on integrating solutions, caretakers, and community for optimal treatment.

We believe mental health treatment should be catered to the user’s lifestyle and adapt to the different experiences and social environments they face. We provide a vast array of services that provide for all kinds of daily struggles.

Our services

Solutions- our therapy devices aim to teach user’s CBT/ DBT skills in order to manage symptoms and work on self regulation. We hope our devices help give independence back to the user.

Online Resources- our online platform will be a place where people with neurological differences, caretakers and doctors share tips and advice. We will also provide courses on self regulation, teach CBT/DBT skills and upload self care tutorials.

Community- our blog will let people post their mental health stories and let users interact with one another. We will be hosting monthly mental health workshops and meet ups.

Support- we hope to bring awareness and knowledge to the community so people who are struggling can feel accepted and needed in society.